Monday, September 20, 2010

Three weeks ago Sunday, my first grandson was born! Liam Wade absolutely perfect and so precious. God is so good!!! Emily gave birth with no epidural and was inspiring! She was so focused on her goal of an unmedicated birth. I have never been more proud of her! She and Eli are the best little parents. He is a very involved father and has changed just as many diapers as Em. He has amazed me. Not that I didn't think he would be a great dad, just the level to which he has stepped up! What a great young man. Emily is a natural. She is breastfeeding and trying everything she can to eat right and take care of herself in order to be the best mother she can be. She has lost all of her baby weight + 3 lbs. I think she has a tapeworm!

Well, my garden is pretty much gone, a few tomato plants and some basil are all that is left. I want to plant a fall garden, but will have to do some research. I am not really sure what to plant and when to plant it. My husband is sick of chicken poop and has threatened to make me find new homes for Gertie and Peach just because he stepped in a little chicken poop the other day. I like to let my chickens run around the back yard. I have kept them in the coop (12 X 12 enclosure) with a ramp into the actual coop. They complain all day...not use to being cooped up :) I guess that is where that phrase came from.

My daughter and her friends (she's 14, they are 15 and 16) went to the movies yesterday. She sent me a text about 30 minutes before the movie started and said she didn't want to see what they were going to see. I asked her what movie and she replied, "Easy A". I immediately went to - Focus on the Family's website for books, movies, music, etc... It is so helpful, I highly recommend it. I had not been on the site in a while (movies are so expensive, we hardly ever go) anyway, I was mortified when I read the choice of movies she gave me besides Easy A. They were all equally as horrible. Full of sex and drug/alcohol use and multiple misuses of God's name. I was sick. They were an hour away and so I suggested the lesser of three evils and we discussed the movie when she returned. Michael asked her, "would you feel comfortable watching that with us?" and she said, NO! Anyway, we did our devotional and prayed before she went to sleep. I just asked God to help her forget the images and words that she heard. God help us! Before you let your kids go to the movies, you owe it to them, and to our Creator to check the movie out they want to see. Anything less is irresponsible. I can say that because I was for not doing so beforehand. Shame on me.

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